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Two ways to accomplish this.
First, in addition to deputies patrolling the county, I will focus efforts on prioritizing law enforcement activity in those areas identified as targets in order to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. These efforts focus on intelligence and predicting crime; a concept where we gather data concerning crimes, the times of day they are committed, and geographical 
locations, then develop our policing actions based on the results to prevent crime and preventing the community from being victimized.
Second, I will maximize the use of the Reintegration and Recovery (R&R) program offered to the incarcerated population in our county jail. This program has resulted in a 20%+ recidivism reduction rate over the general inmate population and these results have been consistent over the last 10 years. This means a reduction in the number of victims; 20% less returns to jail means 20% less victims of crimes such as stolen property, identify thefts, and crimes against people. Under my leadership, I will strive to increase those percentages which will, in turn, provide more protection to our community while demanding the incarcerated population remain productive while in jail.

The bottom line is by combining the increased application of intelligence lead policing and the
Reintegration and Recovery (R&R) program, we will reduce the number of victims in our
community and make El Paso County safer.


What:  Combat assaults on our constitutional rights and efforts to discredit and disarm our police forces.

With my experience as legislative liaison and testifying before the Colorado legislature, I will maintain an active presence within the Colorado legislature, provide expert witnesses and testimony to our State Senators and State Representatives. I will also partner with legislators to introduce bills which will protect our constitutional rights such as due process, second amendment and provide protection to our police forces. 





Our county jail is becoming increasingly overwhelmed with citizens who require mental health assistance rather than criminal incarceration.  Our Sheriff’s Office has implemented a program which diverts those citizens in need of mental health care from the jail to the immediate care they require. I will continue this proactive approach by dedicating resources to the program and I will increase our efforts to keep those citizens in need of mental health care out of the judicial system. 

The Sheriff is State mandated to operate a jail and therefore responsible for providing care and services to our jail population to ensure they do not cause harm to themselves or others while incarcerated. I will increase services we provide our citizens in the jail and collaborate with community partners to establish continuity of care both within the jail and in the community upon release.

What:  More aggressively address the mental health crisis.


What:  Offer more protection for the innocent and consequences to offenders (Reduce victims and crime)