• Joe

Thank you Mel Bernstein aka Dragonman, the owner of Dragonman's

My friend Mel Bernstein aka Dragonman, the owner of Dragonman's has endorsed me for El Paso County Sheriff!

Dragon Man's offers:

  • A firearms shop that specializes in rifles, handguns, shotguns, optics, shooting accessories, ammo, machine gun and silencer transfers

  • A shooting range which we allow; rifles, shotguns and handguns. One range goes up to 100 yards, as well as a long distance rifle range that goes up to 220 yards.

  • A 35 acre paintball field with 5 different fields. We have paintball rental equipment available to the public.

  • A 35 acre dirt bike track, good for dirt bikes, quads and four wheelers.

  • A military museum displaying; vehicles, armament, uniforms, and personal effects from WWI through Iraq and Afghanistan. Open April through November.

  • A motorcycle machine shop, which specializes in rebuilding Harley Davidson's engines and transmissions. Located at 1200 Dragonman Drive.

Thank you Mel, your endorsement means everything!