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Joe Roybal Campaign Launch Reception

Melissa and I recently invited our biggest supporters to a reception to launch our Campaign. Our close friends Bill Elder, Joy Elder, Mike MacGuire, and Missy MacGuire hosted the event.

Our friends Jeff Kramer, Julie Ann Kramer, Jon Ike, Julie Petterson, Willie Breazell, and Juliann McPadden and Russ McPadden co-hosted the reception. My campaign team did a phenomenal job in putting this together.

This provided another great opportunity to discuss important needs of our community while providing meaningful dialogue on how we can accomplish our goals for community betterment, together.

Thank you to Skip Cahn for playing us wonderful music throughout the evening. A big thanks to Stan L. VanderWerf for providing opening remarks and welcoming the attendees.

If you’re interested in attending future events, please reach out.