• Joe

Jeff Crank Endorses Joe!

“Here are my ballot recommendations for the 2022 Republican Primary in El Paso County. We must take back control of Colorado and the candidates below are conservatives – I don’t endorse candidates that aren’t conservative – but they also represent our best shot at winning these offices and beating the Democrat candidate. I only support candidates that are pro-life, support the Second Amendment, support smaller government, respect the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, and support election integrity through efforts such as implementing voter ID laws and oppose ballot harvesting and election day registration.

Electing the right candidates in the Republican primary gives us our best shot at taking back our country and our state.” -Jeff Crank

U.S. Senate – No endorsement based on criteria above

U.S. House of Representatives – Doug Lamborn

Governor – Heidi Ganahl

Secretary of State – Pam Anderson

State Treasurer – Lang Sias

Attorney General – John Kellner

State Board of Education (At Large) – Dan Maloit

State Board of Education (5th Congressional) – Steve Durham

CU Regent (5th Congressional) – Ken Montera

State Senate District 9 – Paul Lundeen

State Senate District 11 – Dennis Hisey

State Representative District 14 – Rose Pugliese

State Representative District 15 – Scott Bottoms

State Representative District 16 – Dave Donelson

State Representative District 17 – Rachel Inez Stovall

State Representative District 18 – Shana Black

State Representative District 20 – Don Wilson

State Representative District 21 – Mary Bradfield

State Representative District 22 – Kenneth G. DeGraaf

El Paso County Commissioner District 1 – Holly Williams

El Paso County Commissioner District 5 – Cami Bremer

El Paso County Clerk & Recorder – Steve Schleiker

El Paso County Treasurer – Chuck Broerman

El Paso County Assessor – Mark Flutcher

El Paso County Sheriff – Joe Roybal

El Paso County Surveyor – Richard Mariotti

El Paso County Coroner – Leon Kelly"

- Jeff Crank