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I am Humbled to have Chris Brown's Endorsement

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I had the pleasure of working for Joe Roybal in 2016 while assigned to the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division.  At the time, Joe Roybal was a Lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Office, and I was a Colorado Springs Police Detective assigned to the metro division.  Joe Roybal came to the unit after having been assigned to the jail and administration.  I was impressed with his eagerness to learn about all the unique facets of working in an undercover narcotics assignment.  Joe was eager to listen to the needs of his detectives and sergeants working for him.  Additionally, Joe took every opportunity he could to deploy on our operations.  He did not enjoy sitting at the desk, but instead would be as hands on as possible. If it made fiscal and tactical sense, Joe fought for the needs of his staff, so that we in turn could better serve the community. 

On February 5th  of 2018, my family and I found ourselves devastated when a family member paid the ultimate sacrifice for his community and country.  As our family continues to mourn, we are comforted by Joe’s commitment to honor his sacrifice and legacy (and the legacy of all those who lay down their lives), no matter the negative political climate towards the brave men and women in blue.


I speak with Joe on a regular basis.  The last time we spoke I asked him, “Are you really ready for the roller coaster ride of running for Sheriff?”  His response to me was, “It’s going to be a crazy ride, but the citizens of this county deserve a leader who will work tirelessly for them.”  Joe Roybal is in this race for the right reasons and brings seasoned experience to lead the greatest county in the State of Colorado.  I am pleased and excited to endorse him as the next El Paso County Sheriff!


Chris and Cierra Brown, Former Vice President of Shield 616 and Colorado Springs Police (Retired)