I am a native of El Paso County, born and raised in Colorado Springs. This is my home; I love and care about our community and the people who also make this home.


I’m the candidate who has worked side-by-side with my fellow deputies for over 26 years.  I’ve watched the changes in our community during my life and I bring the perspective needed to carry it well into the future.  


It will be an honor and privilege to serve the people of the county and the people of the Sheriff’s Office who in turn take the same care of our community.


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UPDATE - Former Colorado Springs Police Chiefs Endorse Joe Roybal for Sheriff


Former Colorado Springs Police Chiefs Endorse Joe Roybal for Sheriff


"Each of us has had many opportunities over the years to work alongside and

collaborate with Joe on key issues facing the local and regional law enforcement

communities. He is a reliable partner and has demonstrated time and time again his

commitment to solving tough challenges and always offers common-sense, team-

oriented solutions resulting in successful, positive outcomes for our citizens.


Joe's experience, in-depth knowledge of the Sheriff's Office operations, and keen

awareness to the challenges which lay ahead, make him the right choice as the next

Sheriff of El Paso County. It's our privilege to endorse Joe Roybal for Sheriff."


Vince Niski

Colorado Springs Police Chief, Retired 


Pete Carey

Colorado Springs Police Chief, Retired


Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights!

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Joe Roybal, Vice President of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition



Jason Garret
Jason Garret

“For the first time in my 46 years of living, I am publicly endorsing a candidate for a local office, and that is Joe Roybal for Sheriff of Colorado’s largest, most populated county, El Paso County (you read that right, it’s not Denver County). This particular leadership position is not only extremely important in overall Colorado affairs but is also extremely strategic in this exponentially growing county. This is a position that we must get right. Between now...Click link for more

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Sheriff Bill Elder
Sheriff Bill Elder

I've been asked a number of times in the past month or so who I support as the next Sheriff of El Paso County and I want to make it clear that I fully support and endorse Joe Roybal in his effort to become the 29th Sheriff. Please join me in supporting Joe Roybal in his efforts to become elected in the 2022 election." -Sheriff Bill Elder

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Mayor John Suthers
Mayor John Suthers

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